$42 Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte / Don Giovanni Boxset - Cecilia Bartoli, Movies TV Musicals Performing Arts $42 Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte / Don Giovanni Boxset - Cecilia Bartoli, Movies TV Musicals Performing Arts /Calusa175042.html,Movies TV , Musicals Performing Arts,/,www.volantino-offerte.com,$42,Tutte,-,fan,Mozart,Bartoli,,Don,-,Boxset,Giovanni,Cecilia,Cosi Many popular brands Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte Don Giovanni Boxset Bartoli Cecilia Many popular brands Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte Don Giovanni Boxset Bartoli Cecilia /Calusa175042.html,Movies TV , Musicals Performing Arts,/,www.volantino-offerte.com,$42,Tutte,-,fan,Mozart,Bartoli,,Don,-,Boxset,Giovanni,Cecilia,Cosi

New product!! Many popular brands Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte Don Giovanni Boxset Bartoli Cecilia

Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte / Don Giovanni Boxset - Cecilia Bartoli,


Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte / Don Giovanni Boxset - Cecilia Bartoli,

Editorial Reviews

The two lovely Da Ponte operas Così fan tutte and Don Giovanni with two of the most accomplished top stars of classical music Cecilia Bartoli and Nikolaus Harnoncourt combined in a high-class packaging!!

Mozart - Cosi fan Tutte / Don Giovanni Boxset - Cecilia Bartoli,

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