$56 Nordic Style Trash Can (2-Pack) - Push Top Trash Can with Lid - Home Kitchen Storage Organization Nordic Style Trash Can 2-Pack with - At the price of surprise Lid Push Top Can,$56,-,Trash,Top,Can,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Style,-,(2-Pack),Trash,with,/Calusa175242.html,www.volantino-offerte.com,Nordic,Push,Lid $56 Nordic Style Trash Can (2-Pack) - Push Top Trash Can with Lid - Home Kitchen Storage Organization Can,$56,-,Trash,Top,Can,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Style,-,(2-Pack),Trash,with,/Calusa175242.html,www.volantino-offerte.com,Nordic,Push,Lid Nordic Style Trash Can 2-Pack with - At the price of surprise Lid Push Top

Nordic Style Trash Can 2-Pack with - At the price of Seattle Mall surprise Lid Push Top

Nordic Style Trash Can (2-Pack) - Push Top Trash Can with Lid -


Nordic Style Trash Can (2-Pack) - Push Top Trash Can with Lid -

Product description

Primo Supply is driven to curate quality products that will make your life go a little more smoothly. With our wide array of intricately designed personal items, gizmos, and household products, it is our mission to bring you convenient amp; reliable solutions to everyday life.

You know a house is not very well taken care of when you can see trash anywhere. Because honestly, for some, waste disposal is that one chore they'll choose to put-off, if that's even possible. But, because this is absolutely essential to every home (and actually everywhere we go), we all just have to do it properly. With the right accessory, you can efficiently manage the waste in your personal space.

Thank heavens for this super unique trash bin that solves all your problems! It's stylish, space-saving, and most of all, very sanitary to use amp; hygienic to maintain!

The Primo Supply Nordic Waste Bin:

  • is designed with a white round body elevated by 3 sturdy faux wooden legs, for the ultimate Nordic, Scandinavian or modern look
  • is 14.3 inches tall and 8.7 inches wide
  • conceals your trash with its spring top cover that opens in just a slight push of a finger
  • is equipped with an inner cylinder frame for your plastic bag lining to make waste disposal easier
  • keeps the dirt off your floors, counters, or under sink cabinets because of its elevated body
  • is so easy to maintain--simply wipe with a damp washcloth or do a quick rinse to clean
  • comes in a single pack or pack of 2

Be it a waste basket for office, garbage cans for kitchen, bathroom garbage can, living room waste bin, trashcan for your room, or a diaper trash can you need, our Nordic Waste Basket is all that you're looking for and more. Add to your cart today!

Nordic Style Trash Can (2-Pack) - Push Top Trash Can with Lid -

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