Queen,Taupe,$32,Sheets,Cotton,Solid,/Cavia175096.html,Pocket,-,Sets,400TC,15",www.volantino-offerte.com,-,Home Kitchen , Bedding,-,Drop $32 Queen Sheets Sets - Cotton - 400TC - 15" Pocket Drop Taupe Solid Home Kitchen Bedding Queen Sheets Outlet sale feature Sets - Cotton 400TC Solid Drop Pocket Taupe 15" Queen Sheets Outlet sale feature Sets - Cotton 400TC Solid Drop Pocket Taupe 15" Queen,Taupe,$32,Sheets,Cotton,Solid,/Cavia175096.html,Pocket,-,Sets,400TC,15",www.volantino-offerte.com,-,Home Kitchen , Bedding,-,Drop $32 Queen Sheets Sets - Cotton - 400TC - 15" Pocket Drop Taupe Solid Home Kitchen Bedding

Queen Sheets Outlet sale feature New York Mall Sets - Cotton 400TC Solid Drop Pocket Taupe 15

Queen Sheets Sets - Cotton - 400TC - 15" Pocket Drop Taupe Solid


Queen Sheets Sets - Cotton - 400TC - 15" Pocket Drop Taupe Solid

Product Description

We at Rajlinen producing the luxury amp; comfort linens for your home in different styles that will suits you on different season in your bedroom, guestroom etc. We always go with all natural, soft materials like Natural Cottons, Microfibers, Poly cottons, Sateen etc. Linens are an investment that will be used for many years, and which linens you want that are easy to care, looking attractive and most of all soft and comfortable. Looking to your choice and comfort we make different types of linens like its fabric, shades, colors, designs that will reach from your expectation to the reality. So get your daily comfort with Rajlinen materials for Home, Kitchen, Bed amp; Bath.



Pure cotton bed linen, made from 100% cotton has long been known for offering luxury, quality and comfort. With an elegant quality and superior feel, it is the ideal fabric for linen that needs to be both durable and strong, cotton sheets are not just one of the best types of bed sheets in the world, they are the best for over 300 years, their softness and durability have been unmatched by any other material like organic or synthetic. Choice of bedding for people who are particular about comfort and luxury during their hours of relaxation and this fabric is an entirely natural fiber, which may be important to you for the coolness and breath ability that can ensure a night of restful sleep. Still If you never have the near perfect experience of sleeping on cotton sheets, you’re in for a real treat because these sheets are woven into tighter fabric which has more power absorbent of moisture and lasts much longer than regular cotton while you care them properly you’re likely to enjoy for many years to come.


  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • The cotton sheet sets must be washed with like colors to avoid color spoilage. Make sure the extra clothes you are washing along with the sheets should not shed lint.

Queen Sheets Sets - Cotton - 400TC - 15" Pocket Drop Taupe Solid


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