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Mobile Gaming Controller-Joystick Challenge the lowest price of Japan Ph price 140-192Mm Telescopic

Mobile Gaming Controller-Joystick Telescopic 140-192Mm Mobile Ph


Mobile Gaming Controller-Joystick Telescopic 140-192Mm Mobile Ph

Product description


Main Features:
● Bluetooth Connection
With this Bluetooth feature you don't have to bother using cables anymore, just connect your smartphone using Bluetooth and you can play the game easily and conveniently
● One-sided Design
Comes with a one-sided design where there are only arrow keys and joysticks to move your character, while the other parts have no buttons but directly use your smartphone's touchscreen
● Telescopic Holder
Can be pulled and adjusted to the size of the smartphone and tablet. Can be used for smartphones and tablets within 140 x 220mm
● Compatibility
Can be used for Android and iOS smartphones

Mobile Gaming Controller-Joystick Telescopic 140-192Mm Mobile Ph

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