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The Adonis Factor

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Chiseled bodies, flawless skin, sculpted jawlines. At a time when popular culture objectifies men more than ever, it s hard for them to avoid the pressure to possess such physical traits. In his follow-up to The Butch Factor, director Christopher Hines exposes how far some will go to attain the Adonis factor the kind of god-like masculine beauty only seen in ancient Greek sculptures.

Hines takes viewers on an eye-opening journey through circuit parties, gay porn, and avant-garde fashion photo shoots, all of which promote their own kinds of idealized physiques. By capturing a diverse range of voices from those who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of mainstream male beauty, to those who openly spurn it The Adonis Factor ultimately poses the question: does a man s fixation on body image make him any happier?

The Adonis Factor

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