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AWYST Coat Hangers Hanger Multifunctional Folding Pants Rack Mul Super trust popular specialty store

AWYST Coat Hangers Hanger Multifunctional Folding Pants Rack Mul


AWYST Coat Hangers Hanger Multifunctional Folding Pants Rack Mul

Product description


Specially designed with a number of features to help you keep your wardrobe completely organised. With the tie bar, strap hooks and securing lip, keep your hard to hang clothes as well as various accessories all on one hanger, be it ties, dresses, vests and more!
Name: Hanger
Dimensions: 34.5 cm x 32.8 cm x 10.5 cm
material: plastic
Ideal for tidying up your wardrobe, home ironing start ups, car boots amp; retail.

AWYST Coat Hangers Hanger Multifunctional Folding Pants Rack Mul

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