Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Direct sale of manufacturer White T Shag Rug Rug,,/aforenamed733477.html,Super,Modern,$46,Geometric,Soft,T,Area,Shag,Design,,Rugs,White,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products $46 Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Shag Rug, White T Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Direct sale of manufacturer White T Shag Rug Rug,,/aforenamed733477.html,Super,Modern,$46,Geometric,Soft,T,Area,Shag,Design,,Rugs,White,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products $46 Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Shag Rug, White T Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Direct sale of manufacturer White Regular store T Shag Rug

Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Shag Rug, White T


Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Shag Rug, White T

Product Description

Super Area Rugs prides itself in being a frontrunner in shaggy style area rugs. We regularly travel the world in search of the softest, shaggiest fibers and construction techniques in existence. This eclectic global knowledge culminates into products that are exquisitely soft, stylish, and economical. This shag rug features a 100% polypropylene with a jute backing.

  • EASY CARE AND SHED FREE: This rug may be vacuumed with a straight suction vacuum cleaner. Spot treating dirt and spills is all your will need to do. This rug will not shed, so no need to worry about loose fibers.
  • ONE SHAG FITS ALL: The modern shag style features a decorative pattern. It is ideal for adding comfort and texture to any room of your home.
  • MAXIMAL COMFORT: This shag rug's high-density polypropylene pile provides one of the absolute most plush feels available in a rug.
  • DURABLE JUTE BACKING: This rug has a features a unique jute backed construction so it can deliver an incredibly soft and luxurious feel without sacrificing durability.
  • PLUSH POWER: This lush power-loomed shag rug is made from 100% naturalized polypropylene fibers and features a 1.5 inch thick pile.

Super Area Rugs Modern Geometric Design Soft Shag Rug, White T

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