BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Wide Sequined Payette Max 89% OFF Sas Chair White $58 BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Wide White Payette Sequined Chair Sas Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $58 BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Wide White Payette Sequined Chair Sas Home Kitchen Home Décor Products BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Wide Sequined Payette Max 89% OFF Sas Chair White 10-Inch,Wide,Payette,pcs,BalsaCircle,White,50,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$58,,Sequined,Sas,/aforenamed733577.html,Chair 10-Inch,Wide,Payette,pcs,BalsaCircle,White,50,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$58,,Sequined,Sas,/aforenamed733577.html,Chair

BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Columbus Mall Wide Sequined Payette Max 89% OFF Sas Chair White

BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Wide White Payette Sequined Chair Sas


BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Wide White Payette Sequined Chair Sas

Product description


FREE SHIPPING on orders $75 and more.
These elegant and luxurious sequined chair sashes are perfect for adding an unique accent to your party decorations! The sparkling round big payette sequins on stretchable mesh allow the sashes to fit over a variety of chair styles. Together with your lovely centerpieces and table setting, the high quality large metallic sequins will create an inviting ambiance for your guests.

Each order is for fifty (50) sequined chair sashes.
Length: approx. 13 inches.
Width: approx. 10 inches.
Size when fully stretched: approx. 18 inches.
Round sequins diameter: approx. 0.7 inches.
Material: Mesh with payette sequins.
Other decorations are not included.

Get the party planning started and add them to your cart today!

BalsaCircle 50 pcs 10-Inch Wide White Payette Sequined Chair Sas

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