folia Popular standard 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 70 cm 10 Sheets 50 x folia Popular standard 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 70 cm 10 Sheets 50 x 10 Sheets,folia,6142 – Apricose,Photo,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,/brokership144804.html,$29,70 cm,,Card,50 x 10 Sheets,folia,6142 – Apricose,Photo,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,/brokership144804.html,$29,70 cm,,Card,50 x $29 folia 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 50 x 70 cm 10 Sheets Toys Games Arts Crafts $29 folia 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 50 x 70 cm 10 Sheets Toys Games Arts Crafts

folia Popular 2021 autumn and winter new standard 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 70 cm 10 Sheets 50 x

folia 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 50 x 70 cm 10 Sheets


folia 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 50 x 70 cm 10 Sheets

Product description

Folia Photo Card, W 500 x H 700 mm, 300 g/m² - Apricotlt;br/gt;Acid free, dyed qualitylt;br/gt;Quality feel and absorbencylt;br/gt;Packed to 10 sheetslt;br/gt;(6142)lt;br/gt;

folia 6142 – Apricose Photo Card 50 x 70 cm 10 Sheets



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