New Free Shipping StoreSMART - Peel Stick Legal Side Size Pocket Open Short $59 StoreSMART - Peel Stick Legal Size Pocket - Open Short Side - Office Products Office School Supplies Short,StoreSMART,Stick,-,Peel,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Open,$59,Side,/brokership156104.html,Size,-,-,Legal,Pocket, Short,StoreSMART,Stick,-,Peel,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Open,$59,Side,/brokership156104.html,Size,-,-,Legal,Pocket, New Free Shipping StoreSMART - Peel Stick Legal Side Size Pocket Open Short $59 StoreSMART - Peel Stick Legal Size Pocket - Open Short Side - Office Products Office School Supplies

New Free Shipping StoreSMART - Peel Stick Sale Legal Side Size Pocket Open Short

StoreSMART - Peel Stick Legal Size Pocket - Open Short Side -


StoreSMART - Peel Stick Legal Size Pocket - Open Short Side -

Product description


The pocket's outside dimensions is 8 7/8" x 14 3/8". It is made of 8 gauge crystal clear vinyl front amp; clear adhesive back. Peel off the backing and stick the pocket where needed. The insert capacity is 8 ½" x 14", holding your legal sized document. The pocket is open on the short side with a ¼" lip. StoreSMART vinyl pockets identify, protect, and organize. Items can be inserted and changed quickly and easily. This pack has 50 pockets. Available in packs of 25 (STB1993S-25) and 100 (STB1993S-100.) See our self adhesive pockets for letter sized documents on Amazon open on the short side in packs of 10 (STB582S-10) and 25 (STB582S-25.) See our self adhesive pockets for letter sized documents on Amazon open on the long side in packs of 10 (STB582L-10) and 25 (STB582L-25.) --- --- StoreSMART offers on Amazon many sizes of self-adhesive pockets, non-adhesive pockets and job ticket holders. Use for business cards, CDs, in binders and more. These pockets are ideal for adding important personalized information to your reports, documents, presentations and proposals.

StoreSMART - Peel Stick Legal Size Pocket - Open Short Side -



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