Smartwatch IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker Regular discount Col with Touch Full $62 Smartwatch, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Full Touch Col Electronics Wearable Technology Full,Col,$62,Activity,Smartwatch,,Waterproof,/brokership175104.html,,IP68,with,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Tracker,Touch Smartwatch IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker Regular discount Col with Touch Full Full,Col,$62,Activity,Smartwatch,,Waterproof,/brokership175104.html,,IP68,with,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Tracker,Touch $62 Smartwatch, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Full Touch Col Electronics Wearable Technology

Smartwatch IP68 Popular popular Waterproof Activity Tracker Regular discount Col with Touch Full

Smartwatch, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Full Touch Col


Smartwatch, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Full Touch Col

Product description

Different UI to suit your style
Enjoy a variety of cool dials with custom dials with a screen that features adjustable brightness settings, show your style,more wonderful because of change.
Sedentary reminders
This smart watch can remind you to relax every once in a while according to your setting to help you keep your body in good state.
Music controller
Tap the smart watch to play or pause music and switch songs without having to take your phone from your pocket, free your hands during doing sports.
Sport watch
Make your every training or workout counted. This cardio watch can help you track and optimize your training effect.

Package Includes:
Smart Watch*1
USB Charger*1
User Manual*1

1. Please clean the watch regularly, and keep it clean and dry when wearing.
2. Please don't wear the watch too tight or wear it for a long time, so your wrist skin can breath well and feel comfortable.

Smartwatch, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Full Touch Col



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