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JINQIANSHANGMAO Special price LED Floating Solar Fountain Ranking TOP18 Pond Pane Pool

JINQIANSHANGMAO LED Floating Solar Fountain Pool Pond Solar Pane


JINQIANSHANGMAO LED Floating Solar Fountain Pool Pond Solar Pane

Product description

Built-in battery storage function, can fountain at night
Solar Fountain for Bird Bath, 2.4W Solar Panel Water Pump for Pond Garden Decoration with LED Night Light amp;4 Different Spray Pattern Heads
Note: 1. Make sure there is enough water in the well to keep the pump completely submerged. 2. Solar panels must be fully exposed to the sun, not the leaves or other objects. Panel surface 3. Please use regular cleaning pumps so that there is no backlog
Packing list
Package Contents :
1x Solar Fountain Pump
1x Connecting Pipe
4x Nozzle
1x User Manual
1.Cooperate with efficient and intelligent electronic circuit drive, and adopt a volute design in the fluid mechanics for the impeller cavity to reduce the resistance of water flow, so that the overall performance is 20% higher than the efficiency of traditional one.
2.Built-in water level monitoring system, when the bottom sensor does not reach the water, it can automatically stop working to prevent the pump idling from having a large impact on the life of the product.
3.Built-in 600mAh lithium battery, which can work for 4-6 hours when the battery is full, improve the shortcomings of the traditional solar floating fountain pump that can only spray water when the sunlight is relatively strong.
4.Add night mode, when solar panel can not sense sunlight, it will start night mode, LED light and water pump work for 4 hours at the same time.
5.Easy to use and install, equipped with 4 different spray nozzles. Once installed and charged through solar power, Solar fountain pump would shape beautiful fountain.
6.The size is reasonable, is small perfect for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, water circulation for oxygen.
Material: Single Crystal Silicon, ABS
Solar Panel Voltage: 10V
Power: 2.4W
Pump Voltage: DC10V
Maximum Flow: 210L / H
Pump Life: Over 20000 Hours

JINQIANSHANGMAO LED Floating Solar Fountain Pool Pond Solar Pane

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