$79,Double-layer,/bronchitic155711.html,Electric,Small,Lunch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,www.volantino-offerte.com,Sm,Wzdszuildfb,Cooker,Rice,Box $79 Wzdszuildfb Small Rice Cooker Double-layer Electric Lunch Box Sm Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $79 Wzdszuildfb Small Rice Cooker Double-layer Electric Lunch Box Sm Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Wzdszuildfb Small gift Rice Cooker Double-layer Lunch Sm Electric Box Wzdszuildfb Small gift Rice Cooker Double-layer Lunch Sm Electric Box $79,Double-layer,/bronchitic155711.html,Electric,Small,Lunch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,www.volantino-offerte.com,Sm,Wzdszuildfb,Cooker,Rice,Box

Wzdszuildfb Small gift Rice Cooker Double-layer Lunch Sm Electric Fixed price for sale Box

Wzdszuildfb Small Rice Cooker Double-layer Electric Lunch Box Sm


Wzdszuildfb Small Rice Cooker Double-layer Electric Lunch Box Sm

Product description

Product Name: Multifunctional electric lunch box
Product color: white gray
Rated power: 300W
Rated capacity: 1.5L
Product function: hot rice, steamed rice, stew, porridge, dessert, insulation

Wzdszuildfb Small Rice Cooker Double-layer Electric Lunch Box Sm

Look For

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