$59,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Across,506-127,Broach,,/bronchitic156011.html,www.volantino-offerte.com,Flat,Hexagon,Tools,0.127",Slater,Internal $59 Slater Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Broach, 0.127" Across Flat Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools $59,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Across,506-127,Broach,,/bronchitic156011.html,www.volantino-offerte.com,Flat,Hexagon,Tools,0.127",Slater,Internal $59 Slater Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Broach, 0.127" Across Flat Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools Slater Genuine Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Flat Across Broach 0.127" Slater Genuine Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Flat Across Broach 0.127"

Slater Genuine Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Flat Across Super intense SALE Broach 0.127

Slater Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Broach, 0.127" Across Flat


Slater Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Broach, 0.127" Across Flat

Product description

Slater Tools offers a large inventory of Hexagon Rotary Broaches. The below listed sizes are available for immediate delivery in a variety of materials and coatings. Additional popular sizes are also available from stock. Slater Tools can make any custom size hex in only 1-2 days. Across-the-flats dimensions conform to IFI and ANSI/ ASME standards for maximum tool life. We also offer pressure relief vent holes, quantity discounts and re-sharpening services.

Slater Tools 506-127 Internal Hexagon Broach, 0.127" Across Flat

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