Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Clearance SALE! Limited time! Buffalo Set Check Theme Farm Farm,Buffalo,Kitchen,Fantasy,Theme,$28,Set,Check,2,Piece,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/bronchitic174911.html,,Staring,Rug $28 Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set Farm Theme Buffalo Check Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Clearance SALE! Limited time! Buffalo Set Check Theme Farm $28 Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set Farm Theme Buffalo Check Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Farm,Buffalo,Kitchen,Fantasy,Theme,$28,Set,Check,2,Piece,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/bronchitic174911.html,,Staring,Rug

Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Clearance SALE Limited time Buffalo In a popularity Set Check Theme Farm

Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set Farm Theme Buffalo Check


Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set Farm Theme Buffalo Check

Product description

Size:15.7" x 23.6"+15.7" x 47.2"

Kitchen Rug Set, Comfort Standing Mat,Non Slip Kitchen Runner Rug Set 2 Piece, Kitchen Mats Sets, Kitchen Floor Mat, 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set, Non-Slip Backing Mat, Kitchen Doormat, Kitchen Carpet

The kitchen rugs sold by usr include: colored animals , landscape, cartoon, seascape ports, flowers, farm animals, abstract, abstract, classics, retro, Bohemia, etc.

√ The non-woven material material is soft to touch, ease for feet to work on it
√ Strong enough to use in high traffic areas, protect your kitchen from stain
√Perfect to be used as a shoe cabinet side mat, bed side rug, kitchen rug runner, indoor rugs for entryway
√Refined and elegant pattern, these kitchen floor rugs and mats will meet any home and kitchen decor
√Great gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, housewarming, let your home look more interesting

Package: Includes 2 piece kitchen rugs

Size Chart:
15.7" x 23.6"+15.7" x 47.2"
19.7" x 31.5"+19.7" x 47.2"
19.7" x 31.5"+19.7" x 63"
23.6" x 35.4"+23.6" x 70.9"

Fantasy Staring 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set Farm Theme Buffalo Check

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