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Roughneck Blues 1949 Cheap SALE Start Recommendation - 1956

Roughneck Blues 1949 - 1956


Roughneck Blues 1949 - 1956

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2009 collection from the guitar great. Grady Martin plays the memorable riff on Roy Orbison's "Oh Pretty Woman." That alone makes him candidate for Rock 'N' Roll sainthood. However, he also helped invent 'guitar distortion.' a tube was blown in the middle of a take at a Marty Robbins session and the resulting fuzz-toned solo was left in the song, the 1961 smash hit "Don't Worry." Besides Chet Atkins, Martin was the only studio musician to play with both Hank Williams AND Elvis Presley. Grady Martin is one of the true legends of Nashville's original "A-Team". Though studio musicians in those days rarely received credit for their work, Martin's efforts didn't go unnoticed. Producers often designated him "session leader," which meant he led the musicians and directed the impromptu arrangements that became a landmark of Nashville sessions. Here are 32 of Grady Martin's greatest moments....listen and weep, oh ye of little faith!

Roughneck Blues 1949 - 1956

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