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ZHAOTINGTING-US Mini 1080P Full HD Cheap mail order sales Media SD MMC Pla HDD Purchase USB Card




Product description


Supports photo rotate, zoom and slide show.
USB 2.0 port, connect another U disk or sd.
One 5.0V/1.5A Power Adapter
MINI 1080P Amount HD Media USB HDD SD/MMC Card Player Box, US Plug(Black)
Portable Honest HD Multi-Media Player.
Colour: Black.Blue,Flatware.
Sovereign chipset
SD Card Interface
Support SD card
USB Interface
HDD Type
HDD Formats
Video Formats
Audio Formats
Photo Formats
Subtitle Formats
Video Playback
4:3 or 16:9
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Side, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, DUTCH, Russian, Refinement, Turkish, Czech, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden.The highest Video output
Audio Output interface
HDMI 1.3 Digital, L/R Stereophony.
Power Input
100-240V, Output: 5.0V/1.5A
Support election broadcast, start to play automatically,1-32 times fast forward, rewind, subtitles, subtitles, adjust the sizing, the language steganography adjustment.
One Media Player
One User Manual
One International Control
One AV cable
Carton size: 54*31.5*38CM. 50PCS per carton. Weight:260g Box size:145*90*85MM
GW: 13.5KG. NW: 14KG


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