$45 IDEC - AVD301NUR - Emergency Stop Switch, SPST-NC, Pushlock Turn Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical IDEC - Quality inspection AVD301NUR Emergency Stop Pushlock Turn SPST-NC Switch /cantus551112.html,IDEC,-,Switch,,Emergency,SPST-NC,,Pushlock,AVD301NUR,$45,Stop,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,www.volantino-offerte.com,Turn,- IDEC - Quality inspection AVD301NUR Emergency Stop Pushlock Turn SPST-NC Switch /cantus551112.html,IDEC,-,Switch,,Emergency,SPST-NC,,Pushlock,AVD301NUR,$45,Stop,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,www.volantino-offerte.com,Turn,- $45 IDEC - AVD301NUR - Emergency Stop Switch, SPST-NC, Pushlock Turn Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

IDEC - Quality inspection AVD301NUR Ranking TOP16 Emergency Stop Pushlock Turn SPST-NC Switch

IDEC - AVD301NUR - Emergency Stop Switch, SPST-NC, Pushlock Turn


IDEC - AVD301NUR - Emergency Stop Switch, SPST-NC, Pushlock Turn

Product description

Contact Voltage DC Nom:24V; Switch Operation:Pushlock Turn Reset; Contact Current Max:10A; Switch Terminals:Screw; Pushbutton Actuator Style:Mushroom; Contact Configuration:SPST-NC; Product Range:TWND Series; IP Rating:IP65; Contact Voltage AC Nom:110V;

IDEC - AVD301NUR - Emergency Stop Switch, SPST-NC, Pushlock Turn

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