www.volantino-offerte.com,LKNJLL,Desktop,7.8,Toys Games , Learning Education,Globe,Oceans,World,Globe,Inch,Blue,$275,/compliance155706.html,with,World LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Blue with Globe Oceans excellence LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Blue with Globe Oceans excellence www.volantino-offerte.com,LKNJLL,Desktop,7.8,Toys Games , Learning Education,Globe,Oceans,World,Globe,Inch,Blue,$275,/compliance155706.html,with,World $275 LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Globe with Blue Oceans,World Globe Toys Games Learning Education $275 LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Globe with Blue Oceans,World Globe Toys Games Learning Education

LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Blue with Globe Ranking TOP3 Oceans excellence

LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Globe with Blue Oceans,World Globe


LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Globe with Blue Oceans,World Globe

Product description


Product name: 20CM Chinese and English color political district transparent globe

Finished product size: 220mm * 200mm * 300mm

Packing size: 250mm * 250mm * 354mm

Language classification: Chinese / English

Globe Classification: Teaching Edition

Base: Alloy Ball Rack: Alloy

Product Brief

1. Recognize the distribution profile of the world's land, land, countries, cities,

2. Understand the distribution characteristics of latitude and longitude lines, and know the role of latitude and longitude nets

3. Understand the positional relationship of the seven continents and the four oceans and the latitude zone

4. Demonstrate the rotation and revolution of the earth

If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will answer your inquiry within 24 hours

LKNJLL 7.8 Inch Desktop World Globe with Blue Oceans,World Globe

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