Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 2.5mm Limited price Thro Pos pitch $235 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 Pos 2.5mm pitch Thro Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 2.5mm Limited price Thro Pos pitch Pluggable,Pos,Contact,Blocks,$235,3,/compliance551106.html,2.5mm,Thro,,Phoenix,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Terminal,pitch Pluggable,Pos,Contact,Blocks,$235,3,/compliance551106.html,2.5mm,Thro,,Phoenix,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Terminal,pitch $235 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 Pos 2.5mm pitch Thro Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 2.5mm New York Mall Limited price Thro Pos pitch

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 Pos 2.5mm pitch Thro


Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 Pos 2.5mm pitch Thro

Product description

Product Specification:

  • Manufacturer:Phoenix Contact
  • RoHS:RoHS Compliant
  • Product:Headers
  • Number of Positions:3 Position
  • Pitch:2.5 mm
  • Termination Style:Through Hole
  • Current Rating:4 A
  • Voltage Rating:32 V
  • Series:MC
  • Color:Black
  • Contact Plating:Tin
  • Height:11.9 mm
  • Length:10.1 mm
  • Width:9.4 mm
  • Brand:Phoenix Contact
  • Moisture Sensitive:Yes
  • Tradename:COMBICON Control

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 3 Pos 2.5mm pitch Thro

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