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Jobbers Under blast sales Length Reamer Blank Letter of outlet Pack Q 5

Jobbers Length Reamer Blank Letter Q (Pack of 5)


Jobbers Length Reamer Blank Letter Q (Pack of 5)

Product description

Reamer Blank


  • Used as gages, ground pins or raw materials for making tool bits and other cutting tools
  • For use as inexpensive gauge pins, guide pins, specialty dowels pins or similar applications
  • Can be machined into specialty cutting tools or tool bits, custom punches or specialized guide pins
  • Useful for jigs and fixtures where specific pin sizes are needed as guides, locators or support
  • Ground to a true cylindrical form throughout their complete length, without any taper
  • Hardened and ground and furnished in standard jobbers lengths
Technical Data:
  • Manufactured from high speed steel
  • Hardened and cylindrically ground
  • Bright finish
  • Tolerances:
    • Up to .5000" (+.0002" or +.005mm)
    • .5001-.6250 (+.0005" or +.008mm)
    • .6251-1.000 (+.0005" or +.013mm)

Product Specification:

  • SHANK STYLE: Straight
  • FINISH: Bright
  • OVERALL LENGTH (OAL): 4-3/4"
  • DRILL STYLE: Reamer Blank
  • TYPE: Jobbers Length

Jobbers Length Reamer Blank Letter Q (Pack of 5)

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