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Heavy-duty Slides Drawer 2 Partially Max 62% OFF Sli Seattle Mall Extended Ball

Heavy-duty Slides, Drawer Slides, 2, Partially Extended Ball Sli


Heavy-duty Slides, Drawer Slides, 2, Partially Extended Ball Sli

Product description

Size:(14 inches) 355.6mm

[Product parameters]:

Name: drawer slide

Material: cold rolled steel

Load capacity: 120kg

Cleaning method: soak a clean lint-free cloth in white alcohol to wipe the dirt on the truck. Then use air spray to blow away dust in hard-to-reach areas.

[Package Contents]:
1 pair of drawer guides (2 pcs)

Note: Mounting screws are not included. This product uses 5mm

1. Heavy load, the maximum load of each pair is 120kg
2. Use lock design
3. Ultra-quiet solid steel ball bearings
4. Fully extended
5. Side installation
6. Anti-rust and wear resistance
7. Quick installation and removal

[Installation Guide]: When installing the rail, make the vertical axis and horizontal axis parallel.

Heavy-duty Slides, Drawer Slides, 2, Partially Extended Ball Sli

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