www.volantino-offerte.com,Slip,Shower,Bathroom,Curtain,B,Home Kitchen , Bath,with,Mats,Rugs,Non,Waterproof,Set,/cryptococcus174928.html,$27 Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Spasm price B Mats Slip Non Waterproof www.volantino-offerte.com,Slip,Shower,Bathroom,Curtain,B,Home Kitchen , Bath,with,Mats,Rugs,Non,Waterproof,Set,/cryptococcus174928.html,$27 Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Spasm price B Mats Slip Non Waterproof $27 Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Mats Non Slip Waterproof B Home Kitchen Bath $27 Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Mats Non Slip Waterproof B Home Kitchen Bath

Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Spasm price B Mats Slip Non Waterproof Super intense SALE

Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Mats Non Slip Waterproof B


Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Mats Non Slip Waterproof B

Product description


Features And Benefits

❤This shower curtain can be used as a shade curtain to the kitchen, hall, toilet, children room.

❤Washing care: Hand wash or machine wash with cold water, hang to dry, iron at low temperatures, please don't expose to the sun, do not bleach.


shower curtain size: 180x180cm / 70.8x70.8in

Floor mat size: 50x80cm / 19.6x31.4in.

The bathroom sets is large enough for most standard bathroom, do not worry about it won’s suit for your bathroom.

Package included

❤1 x Shower curtain

❤1 x Bathroom rug

Bathroom Rugs Set with Shower Curtain Mats Non Slip Waterproof B

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