Drill,,Oxide,www.volantino-offerte.com,/cryptococcus551328.html,$80,HSS,,Black,-,Taper,49,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Chicago-Latrobe,15/32,,Length Drill,,Oxide,www.volantino-offerte.com,/cryptococcus551328.html,$80,HSS,,Black,-,Taper,49,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Chicago-Latrobe,15/32,,Length Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill 15 32 Oxide Max 78% OFF - Black 49 HSS Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill 15 32 Oxide Max 78% OFF - Black 49 HSS $80 Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill, 15/32, HSS, Black Oxide - 49 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools $80 Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill, 15/32, HSS, Black Oxide - 49 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools

Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill 15 32 Oxide Max 78% OFF - Black 49 HSS Max 68% OFF

Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill, 15/32, HSS, Black Oxide - 49


Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill, 15/32, HSS, Black Oxide - 49

Product description

Taper Length Drill, Type Standard, List Number 120, Number of Pieces 1, Grade General Purpose, Material High Speed Steel, Finish Black Oxide, Point Type Conventional Point, Drill Point (Deg.) 118, Fractional Size (In.) 15/32, Decimal Equivalent 0.4688, Flute Length (In.) 4-3/4, Overall Length (In.) 7-1/2, Application For Deeper Drilling On Alloy And Carbon Steel And Cast Iron, Package Quantity 1

Features -

  • Material - High Speed Steel
  • Finish - Black Oxide
  • Point Type - Conventional Point
  • Drill Point (Deg.) - 118
  • Fractional Size (In.) - 15/32
  • Decimal Equivalent - 0.4688
  • Flute Length (In.) - 4-3/4
  • Overall Length (In.) - 7-1/2
  • Application - For Deeper Drilling On Alloy And Carbon Steel And Cast Iron
  • Package Quantity - 1
  • WARNING: California Residents

    This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    California proposition 65 warning

    Chicago-Latrobe Taper Length Drill, 15/32, HSS, Black Oxide - 49

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