Greenhouse Side Max 52% OFF Top Film Coiling Machine Devi Manual Coiler Greenhouse Side Max 52% OFF Top Film Coiling Machine Devi Manual Coiler $31 Greenhouse Side Top Film Coiling Machine,Manual Film Coiler Devi Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care $31 Greenhouse Side Top Film Coiling Machine,Manual Film Coiler Devi Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care $31,Devi,,Coiling,Coiler,Film,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,/cryptococcus666528.html,Film,Side,Machine,Manual,Greenhouse,Top $31,Devi,,Coiling,Coiler,Film,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,/cryptococcus666528.html,Film,Side,Machine,Manual,Greenhouse,Top

Greenhouse Side [Alternative dealer] Max 52% OFF Top Film Coiling Machine Devi Manual Coiler

Greenhouse Side Top Film Coiling Machine,Manual Film Coiler Devi


Greenhouse Side Top Film Coiling Machine,Manual Film Coiler Devi

Product description

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Aluminum
Speed ratio: 4:1
Weight: Approx. 2099g / 74oz
Size: Approx. 22.5*17*15cm / 8.9*6.7*5.9in
Large roll height: Approx. 1.5m / 4.9ft
Large reel length: Approx. 120m / 393.7ft
Chain length: Approx. 3m / 9.8ft

Package list:
1 * Greenhouse Manual Film Coiler
1 * Greenhouse Manual Film Coiler Handle

Greenhouse Side Top Film Coiling Machine,Manual Film Coiler Devi

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} #productDescription ul 0px 1000px } #productDescription small small; vertical-align: Plug -15px; } #productDescription medium; margin: 0.75em Leak 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div