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Big Heart

Discover the Power of Community

Marian University of Wisconsin wants to know: How can we stand with you? Marian is a small, private school with a big heart offering high-quality education in a supportive, welcoming environment. This is where students come to make their mark on the world. We believe in YOU and we believe in COMMUNITY, and the power that the nurturing Marian community has to help you turn your dreams into reality, whatever they are.

Marian offers Education with Purpose. That means you’ll benefit from an affordable, valuable education that will help you make an impact on the world as a global citizen. When you know what you want, you’ll benefit from immediate acceptance into your major. And if you’re still deciding, our attentive Marian University faculty will be here to help you find your place and turn your passion into action.

Student-To-Faculty Ratio

Average Class Size
Undergraduate Students
Student-Led Clubs

Education With Purpose

Marian offers Education with Purpose. That means you’ll benefit from an affordable, valuable education that will help you make an impact on the world as a global citizen. When you know what you want, you’ll benefit from immediate acceptance into your major. And if you’re still deciding, our attentive Marian University faculty will be here to help you find your place and turn your passion into action.

Academic Study Areas

Where can I find tuition and aid information?

You can rely on Marian’s financial aid team to walk you through the financial aid process. From understanding our low tuition costs to help filling out the FAFSA and learning about additional financial aid, we will answer all your questions and walk you through the process when you need it. Marian offers the lowest net tuition of Wisconsin’s 24 private colleges and universities because we never want students to feel discouraged about the financial aspect of going to college. With our average freshman award being $25,800, a private school education can be affordable.

How do I apply?

Marian University Wisconsin is the small school with a big heart, and we know there’s only one YOU. At Marian you’ll enjoy big university benefits without getting lost in the shuffle. That includes BEFORE you become a student. We’re here to help you understand everything you need to know about the application process. Community begins right here. And your Marian community wants you to know how to get in touch. Your admission team is ready to give you personal, hands-on guidance and support.

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What is campus life like?

Ready to learn more about campus life at Marian?  There’s been a lot going on in the world and campus decisions may not be as straightforward as they used to be. Whether meeting for dinner, attending a sporting event, or having a study session with your dorm buddies, your days will be full of activities that interest you.

Upcoming Events

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Fall Semester Begins
August 30

Recent News