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LED mart Neon Light 2021 model XUNATA Control Remote Rope Bluetooth

LED Neon Light, XUNATA Bluetooth Remote Control LED Rope Light,


LED Neon Light, XUNATA Bluetooth Remote Control LED Rope Light,

Product Description


1. We will ship them to you via DHL/UPS/Fedex or other fast shipping if order more than 8m(26ft), if there are any duty or Custom Tax, please pay them,thanks!

2. For Your Safety, it can not put it underwater or around the swimming pool;

3. The IR remote and bluetooth controller with plug are not waterproof, if you want to install it outside, please use a box or something waterproof to protect them.


1. This is AC 110V-130V power input, the output high voltage 110V article lamp directly. Article 110V meet in the same line, at the same time electricity. please do not connect DC12/24V low voltage led strips.

2. Should be in strict accordance with the wiring. Red, green, black and blue four lines, the black line is the V+. Otherwise the color with the remote control signal may not to be relatively color or out of sync.

3.The second black cord is V+, if you can not lighting your lights, please rotate 180 degrees to reconnect.

4. Can theoretically can be connect the high bright 100 meters of 5050-60/M RGB led strip light.(according to the measured, to achieve ideal control effect, we suggested that connect 90 meter/300 foot 5050SMD RGB colorful led strips.)

5. Supply input voltage of this product is AC 110V.

6. Shorting output wires may cause damage to controller.

7. For indoor or Outdoor use - this product is waterproof or weatherproof.


1. Super Bright: This 5m LED strip light is with 300 SMD 5050 LED, 2 times brightness than SMD 2835.

2. Low temperature, all the light spread and completely smooth, luminous very even

3. Waterproof IP67: The Light was covered by transparent waterproof PVC tube, so it can be used in the raining or water, but the remote controller and plug is non-waterproof, please keep them away from water.

4. Flexible and Easy to Bend: The Neon Rope light is very soft and flexible, it can be bended to any shape, good for DIY and home improvement.

5. Cuttable and Linakable: The light can be cut at every 1m, but do not harm the light.

6. High Quality 5050 SMD LED, high intensity and reliability, Long lifespan up to 50,000+ hours.

LED Neon Light, XUNATA Bluetooth Remote Control LED Rope Light,

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