$139 RFID Transponders NTAG I C plus 2K, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical RFID Transponders NTAG I C plus< i> Type 2 Tag Forum 2K OFFer NFC Forum,Type,/disruptive551076.html,plus,2,NFC,2K,,Tag,C,RFID,$139,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,I,www.volantino-offerte.com,NTAG,Transponders Forum,Type,/disruptive551076.html,plus,2,NFC,2K,,Tag,C,RFID,$139,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,I,www.volantino-offerte.com,NTAG,Transponders $139 RFID Transponders NTAG I C plus 2K, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical RFID Transponders NTAG I C plus< i> Type 2 Tag Forum 2K OFFer NFC

RFID Transponders NTAG I C 2021 <i>plus< i> Type 2 Tag Forum 2K OFFer NFC

RFID Transponders NTAG I C plus 2K, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag


RFID Transponders NTAG I C plus 2K, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag

Product description


  • Maximum Operating Temperature: : + 105 C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: : - 40 C
  • Mounting Style: : SMD/SMT
  • Package / Case: : TSSOP-8
  • Packaging: : Cut Tape
  • Packaging: : MouseReel
  • Packaging: : Reel
  • Operating Temperature Range: : - 40 C to + 105 C
  • Brand: : NXP Semiconductors
  • Product Type: : RFID Transponders
  • Factory Pack Quantity: : 2500
  • Subcategory: : Wireless \u0026 RF Integrated Circuits
  • Unit Weight: : 0.000852 oz
  • RFID Transponders NTAG I C plus 2K, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag

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