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Multi Purpose Thick Waterproof Poly Tarp Genuine Free Shipping Ta Camping Mil Cover 12 OFFicial store

Multi Purpose Thick Waterproof Poly Tarp Cover 12 Mil,Camping Ta


Multi Purpose Thick Waterproof Poly Tarp Cover 12 Mil,Camping Ta

Product description

Protect your belongings against the forces of nature - during heavy rain and snow storms, our heavy duty tarp will keep your stuff as undamaged and dry as possible.

Name:Heavy Duty Tarp

Pay attention
1.The color might be slightly different under different screen and lighting,please understand.
2.Note: tarp edging seam size will be losses, it will be less than the actual size of shipments Dimension about 10cm,please understand.

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Multi Purpose Thick Waterproof Poly Tarp Cover 12 Mil,Camping Ta

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