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Challenge the lowest price Aohi WXQ-XQ Multifunction Portable Hand Trucks Serv 1 year warranty Salon Beauty

Aohi WXQ-XQ Multifunction Portable Hand Trucks,Beauty Salon Serv


Aohi WXQ-XQ Multifunction Portable Hand Trucks,Beauty Salon Serv

Product description

Product Description;Provide Spacious Space for You to Store Things, Which Meet Your Different Needs.

Product Parameters:

Material: Abs Plastic

Color: Grayish White

Size: 54×37×98Cm

Product Advantage:

Easy to Assemble.

Provide Largestorage Space.

Heightening Fence Protection.

Comfortable Armrest Design, Easyto Push the Cart.

Fit Various Styles of Interior Design and Offer Useful Storage Space.

Basket Shelves on a Durable Rolling Frame Allow for Numerous Storage Possibilities.


It May Have a Taste at the Beginning,Ventilate a Few Days,Can Solve the Odor Problem.

Manual Measurement Products May Have Dimensions of a Few Centimeters of Error, Please Understand.

the Bright Photo and the Different Visualization Can Make the Color of the Objects in the Photo Different from the Real Ones.

Delivery Time: Delivery Time 9-25 Days.If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us Immediately.

Package Include:

1 X Storage Rack
We are the best quality shop, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us, welcome to buy, we will usually reply all your messages within 3-8 hours.

Aohi WXQ-XQ Multifunction Portable Hand Trucks,Beauty Salon Serv

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