$25,Fresh,-,Container,www.volantino-offerte.com,Vents,3,with,Produce,Pack,Container,Saver,Vege,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/ecologist452154.html Fresh Container with Vents 3 Saver Pack Produce Vege Spring new work one after another - $25,Fresh,-,Container,www.volantino-offerte.com,Vents,3,with,Produce,Pack,Container,Saver,Vege,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/ecologist452154.html $25 Fresh Container with Vents,3 Pack - Produce Saver Container Vege Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fresh Container with Vents 3 Saver Pack Produce Vege Spring new work one after another - $25 Fresh Container with Vents,3 Pack - Produce Saver Container Vege Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Fresh Container with Vents 3 Saver Pack Produce Vege Spring new work trend rank one after another -

Fresh Container with Vents,3 Pack - Produce Saver Container Vege


Fresh Container with Vents,3 Pack - Produce Saver Container Vege

Product description


A fresh-keeping box can realize the fresh-keeping storage function, at the same time realize different types of vegetables and fruits partition storage. In addition the removable colander can also be used as a washing basket.
Small(0.48L) by size 5.51*3.74*3.54 inch
Medium(1.7L) by size 7.8*5.24*4.45 inch
Large(4.5L) by size 11.46*7.2*6.06 inch.
Each purchase you will receive 3 storage containers,mini one ,mid one and big one,suitable for daily using
Attention Please!!! These organizer bins fit for fridge,not safe in dishwasher and oven.
You can use filterable baskets in containers to wash vegetable and fruit,organize them by foldable partitions to save more space and avoid squeezing.
Adjustable vents can control the humidity inside of containers,keep food fresh.

Fresh Container with Vents,3 Pack - Produce Saver Container Vege

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