Table,,$70,Dresser,Storage,Organizer,Display,Side,/ecologist733754.html,Unit,5,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Drawers,HPW HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Table Max 62% OFF Unit Side Display Organizer HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Table Max 62% OFF Unit Side Display Organizer $70 HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Unit Side Table Display Organizer Home Kitchen Storage Organization Table,,$70,Dresser,Storage,Organizer,Display,Side,/ecologist733754.html,Unit,5,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Drawers,HPW $70 HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Unit Side Table Display Organizer Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Virginia Beach Mall HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Table Max 62% OFF Unit Side Display Organizer

HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Unit Side Table Display Organizer


HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Unit Side Table Display Organizer

Product description

The storage cabinet is made of high-quality fabric material, with high-strength and sturdy iron frame, making it wear-resistant and durable for long term use. The storage cabinet is designed in a simple and fashionable style, making the whole furniture decoration more fashionable. The large capacity of the entire storage cabinet can be stored in different categories, which helps to keep the room clean and tidy. The removable cloth drawer is conducive to the long-term preservation of clothes, which has an intimate handle design for easy and smooth pulling without any noise. The handle on the side of the cabinet and light weight let it easy for free movement. The whole humanized design is aimed at bring quality and comfortable life. It is definitely a very good choice for modern home.

Color: Dark Grey and Black
Material: Iron, MDF, and Cloth
Overall Dimension: 32.5”(L) X 11.5”(W) X 30”(H)
Net Weight: 19.5 LBS
Weight Capacity: 110.5 LBS

Package Include:
1 x Storage Cabinet
1 x Accessories
1 x Manual

HPW 5 Drawers Dresser Storage Unit Side Table Display Organizer

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