ShawnBlue Air Humidifier 4 1 in Ranking TOP9 Rechargeable 2000 $30 ShawnBlue Air Humidifier 4 in 1 Air Humidifier Rechargeable 2000 Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Air,Rechargeable,$30,in,4,,1,ShawnBlue,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Air,Humidifier,/educational-programs/,Humidifier,2000 ShawnBlue Air Humidifier 4 1 in Ranking TOP9 Rechargeable 2000 $30 ShawnBlue Air Humidifier 4 in 1 Air Humidifier Rechargeable 2000 Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Air,Rechargeable,$30,in,4,,1,ShawnBlue,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Air,Humidifier,/educational-programs/,Humidifier,2000

ShawnBlue Air Humidifier Ranking TOP20 4 1 in Ranking TOP9 Rechargeable 2000

ShawnBlue Air Humidifier 4 in 1 Air Humidifier Rechargeable 2000


ShawnBlue Air Humidifier 4 in 1 Air Humidifier Rechargeable 2000

Product description


product: Mini Portable humidifier
Material: ABS+PP
Water tank: 300ML
Size: 80*80*162(mm)
Color: white, pink
Power: 2W
Voltage: DC 5V

1. Colorful light
2. Portable USB charge way

Connect ways: charger
2.power bank
3.laptop USB port

ShawnBlue Air Humidifier 4 in 1 Air Humidifier Rechargeable 2000

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