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Max 88% OFF MYERZI Industrial Rotary 10pcs Opening large release sale Shank Milling Cutter 3.1 Ball End

MYERZI Industrial Rotary 10pcs Shank Ball End Milling Cutter 3.1


MYERZI Industrial Rotary 10pcs Shank Ball End Milling Cutter 3.1

Product description

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Material: Solid Carbide

Cutting Diameter: 2mm (1/13")

Shank diameter: 3.175mm (1/8")

Cutting Edge Length (Flute Length): 12mm

Total length: 38mm

Quantity: 10pcs

Package Included:

10 x Drill Bits

MYERZI Industrial Rotary 10pcs Shank Ball End Milling Cutter 3.1

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