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He Likes Guys


He Likes Guys

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He Likes Guys

This nice big package of gay men s shorts showcases some of the best films of the year, fresh from the gay and lesbian film festival circuit. Highlights include the achingly beautiful summer vacation drama, Silver Road; the smart and peppy Logo Click List hit Waiting for Yvette (starring Wendie Malick); and the most hilarious gay short of the year, Babysitting Andy.

2008, 3 mins. Great Britain
Dir. Damien Rea
A super buff party boy gets all steamed up.

Silver Road
2007, 13 mins, Canada
Dir. Bill Taylor
At the end of an idyllic summer on the farm, what will happen when Danny finally acts on his desire for his best friend, Mark? Andrew Hachey and Jonathan Keltz give stellar performances in this accomplished gay drama.

2008, 19 mins. USA
Dir. Rachel Zisser
What if Julian s Dad knew the truth about his handsome collegiate son? Sometimes parental love can trump homophobia; and sometimes the truth comes out too late. A tragic cinematic drama from the American Film Institute.

2007, 12 mins., USA
Dir. David Maurice Gil
PlanetOut Short Movie Awards Top 5 Films Winner
What happens after the hook-up? Two strangers who met online attempt to get to know each other, only to find that a casual hook-up is anything but. Starring gay actor Edward Gunawan!

2007, 13 mins. USA
Dir. Edward Gunawan
Beefy Lawrence and his new live-in boyfriend Joey bicker over Lawrence s cruisy ways. Will they stay together? Crossing paths with elderly Bob at the laundromat gives them inspiration for couplehood in this poignant drama.

Seeing You in Circles
2005, 21 mins. USA
Dir. Sam McConnell
On the night of his 30th birthday Jerome asks his ex-boyfriend Wade to meet him at their favorite place in Brooklyn for a drink. The insensitive Wade brings along his latest squeeze Cal. From writer-director Sam McConnell comes this aching drama of grown up gay men learning to, well, grow up.

Waiting for Yvette
2007, 14 mins, USA
Dir. Justin Ross
Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) heads up a perfect ensemble cast in this humorous yet poignant meeting of the Gay Men s Tuesday Night A.A. Scheduled for her final gender reassignment surgery, will this be Yvette s last meeting? Or not.

Babysitting Andy
2007, 11 mins, Canada
Dir. Pat Mills
A deviously precocious nine-year old tomboy interrogates her gay uncle and his boyfriend in the most hilarious gay short of the year.

DVD Bonus Features:
A special message from actor Alan Cumming and the info-packed PSA GLAAD 101
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He Likes Guys

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