Carbon,,Industrial Scientific , Raw Materials,Steel,-,WGG-1A,PK50,$147,/hanch451768.html,Grating,Grating,Clip;,Fasteners Carbon,,Industrial Scientific , Raw Materials,Steel,-,WGG-1A,PK50,$147,/hanch451768.html,Grating,Grating,Clip;,Fasteners $147 Grating Fasteners Carbon Steel Grating Clip; PK50 - WGG-1A Industrial Scientific Raw Materials Grating Fasteners Carbon Steel PK50 Limited time sale WGG-1A - Clip; $147 Grating Fasteners Carbon Steel Grating Clip; PK50 - WGG-1A Industrial Scientific Raw Materials Grating Fasteners Carbon Steel PK50 Limited time sale WGG-1A - Clip;

Grating Fasteners New product!! Carbon Steel PK50 Limited time sale WGG-1A - Clip;

Grating Fasteners Carbon Steel Grating Clip; PK50 - WGG-1A


Grating Fasteners Carbon Steel Grating Clip; PK50 - WGG-1A

Product description

The shape of a grating clip determines how it secures the flooring or grating pieces. Take a look at the features for Zoro Select Grating Clip. Material: Carbon Steel, Finish: Galvanized, Package Quantity: 50.

Grating Fasteners Carbon Steel Grating Clip; PK50 - WGG-1A



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