$46 African American Reborn Baby Dolls Black Girl Reborn Doll 22 Inc Toys Games Dolls Accessories Dolls,22,Girl,www.volantino-offerte.com,Baby,Black,African,Inc,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,Reborn,American,Doll,$46,Reborn,/hangman144778.html African American Reborn Baby Dolls Lowest price challenge Inc Girl 22 Doll Black Dolls,22,Girl,www.volantino-offerte.com,Baby,Black,African,Inc,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,Reborn,American,Doll,$46,Reborn,/hangman144778.html African American Reborn Baby Dolls Lowest price challenge Inc Girl 22 Doll Black $46 African American Reborn Baby Dolls Black Girl Reborn Doll 22 Inc Toys Games Dolls Accessories

African American Reborn Baby Dolls Bombing new work Lowest price challenge Inc Girl 22 Doll Black

African American Reborn Baby Dolls Black Girl Reborn Doll 22 Inc


African American Reborn Baby Dolls Black Girl Reborn Doll 22 Inc

Product description


This african american reborn baby girl is skillfully sculpted with amazing lifelike detail by artist Jason,made from vinyl and a weighted cloth body create that lifelike baby feel all of our dolls are known for,we are confident you will love her as much as we do.


Item:African american silicone baby doll (no private parts)

Size:20-22 inches(newborn baby size)

Structure: Head amp; limbs crafted in baby soft silicone vinyl (3/4 Silicone Vinyl Arms amp; Legs),body is filled with soft amp; cuddly weighted cloth,weighted hip,a realistic soft baby feel.

Eyes:High quality acrylic,extremely realistic,can't blink.

Hair:Handmade rooted fiber hair,similar to a real baby hair.

Function:The limbs are movable, the doll can sit and lay down,can not bath in water.


African American Reborn doll*1,

Baby toy bottle*1,




birth certificate*1.


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday,Mother’s Day, Father's day,Christmas day,anniversary or treating yourself,our dolls always are the perfect gift.Bring the cute reborn doll home today and she’ll bring warmth and joy to any home.


With over 15 years in the doll industry,we stand behind the quality of each of our reborn baby dolls,sure in the knowledge that you’ll love them as much as we do,we are confident you will love your purchase. If not, we guarantee a full refund within 30 days of your purchase – no questions asked.

African American Reborn Baby Dolls Black Girl Reborn Doll 22 Inc

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