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Animer and price revision SET of Excellence 12 CUSTOM ENGRAVED Wine Tumblers Business as Bottle Corpo

SET of 12 CUSTOM ENGRAVED Wine Bottle Tumblers as Business/Corpo


SET of 12 CUSTOM ENGRAVED Wine Bottle Tumblers as Business/Corpo

Handmade item
Craft type: Card making amp; stationery, Party amp; gifting, Scrapbooking
Materials: Lazer engraving, sandblasting, wine tumblers
Made to order

We're excited to bring to you personalised amp; customised gifts from our engraving facility in house! This listing has been created for the products in our shop. most of our product can be customised with your logo, messages, names, signs etc.

This listing is for 12 custom engraved upcycled wine tumblers!

You would be required to submit your design!



Small design: Simple amp; small logos amp; names etc
Large design: Larger Logos, signs, messages etc

SET of 12 CUSTOM ENGRAVED Wine Bottle Tumblers as Business/Corpo

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