Quick Cable Portland Mall 4330-005P Crimp Flag 3 Gauge Pos 0 Connector $26 Quick Cable 4330-005P Quick Crimp Flag Connector, 3/0 Gauge, Pos Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Quick Cable Portland Mall 4330-005P Crimp Flag 3 Gauge Pos 0 Connector $26 Quick Cable 4330-005P Quick Crimp Flag Connector, 3/0 Gauge, Pos Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Quick,Flag,4330-005P,/hangman451978.html,Quick,Gauge,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Crimp,Pos,3/0,$26,www.volantino-offerte.com,Connector,,Cable Quick,Flag,4330-005P,/hangman451978.html,Quick,Gauge,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Crimp,Pos,3/0,$26,www.volantino-offerte.com,Connector,,Cable

Quick Cable Portland 5 popular Mall 4330-005P Crimp Flag 3 Gauge Pos 0 Connector

Quick Cable 4330-005P Quick Crimp Flag Connector, 3/0 Gauge, Pos


Quick Cable 4330-005P Quick Crimp Flag Connector, 3/0 Gauge, Pos

Product description

Made of cast copper alloy, tin plated for added conductivity amp; corrosion resistance. 25 times better than SAE conductivity standard, 1811. Permanent, indelible, readable gauge, and polarity stamped on clamp. Quick Connectors are listed by UL (UL STD 486A) amp; CUL, when applied with Quick Cable Quick Crimp tools 4255, 4255M, 4255R amp; 4255MR (standard and ratchet versions). Fasteners included. 3/0 Gauge. Positive Polarity .

Quick Cable 4330-005P Quick Crimp Flag Connector, 3/0 Gauge, Pos

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