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FIFA Street Over item handling ☆ Branded goods - 360 Xbox

FIFA Street - Xbox 360


FIFA Street - Xbox 360

Product description

Platform:Xbox 360

Product Description



Whether you call it soccer or football, one thing's for sure — you've got the technique worthy of the sport's most competitive clubs. You sleep and wake by the black-and-white ball and you've got the foot to kick it all the way to the World Cup. But something's missing. The yellow- and white-painted lines, neatly groomed turf and perfectly squared-off goals are starting to get a bit old. You've seen one field, you've seen them all — or have you? Ditch your cleats, leave the stadium in the dust and get ready to experience fierce soccer action where it's really at — in the streets. From rooftops to parking lots, from Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam, players are tearing up the pavement and taking soccer to a whole new level. Build up a killer roster and sharpen your skills, you're about to take it to the Street.

Take Fifa to the Streets

Play with familiar players

More command amp; responsiveness


You know the award-winning FIFA franchise always scores when it comes to authentic, immersive and action-packed gameplay. Now, the same creators behind the revolutionary sports series take you out of the stadium and steep you in the rough and gritty culture of underground soccer in FIFA Street. Featuring all of the robust FIFA gameplay engines, like the Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling and Personality+, this fresh installment keeps what's already great, and also kicks it up a notch with the most responsive and authentic ball handling yet, Street Control. Bait and beat opponents using a precise standing dribble, maneuver through tight spaces with the deft street dribble, show your flair by juggling and master more than 50 never-before-seen skills. Prove your talent in global tournaments and challenges that take you from futsal-style matches in Spain to physical five-on-five contests in the UK and pit you against fellow gamers in massive, social competitions. Build your own team and climb your way to the top of the leaderboards, earning brag-worthy, in-game rewards along the way. Say goodbye to soccer the way you once knew it — once you hit the Street, you'll never want to look back.

Key Features:

  • Immerse yourself in the gritty, competitive, action-packed culture of street soccer in painstakingly authentic gameplay from the creators of the award-winning FIFA franchise
  • Own the ball with more command and responsiveness than ever as Street Ball Control replicates the touch, creativity and flair that players bring to the streets
  • Maneuver the ball backwards, forwards and side-to-side in a standing dribble to lure your opponent into making the first move, then rally past him with a panna or trick move
  • Slip through tight spaces or fend off the defense using close dribble touches thanks to the finely tuned Street Dribble system
  • Master a massive skill set, including juggling and other aerial maneuvers and more than 50 never-before-seen moves
  • Climb your way to soccer stardom by building your own team and clinching wins in 16 tournaments and 20 challenges, starting off at the local level and rising to European and world-stage competitions
  • Compete against teams created by other FIFA Street gamers or face off one-on-one in the vast, social World Tour mode, and check your ranking on the leaderboards
  • Discover wild ways to win Street Challenges against up to four players, by kicking the ball through your opponent's legs in Panna Rules, wowing the crowd in Entertainment Points, dwindling your team down one by one in Last Man Standing and more
  • Flaunt your showmanship in front of Amsterdam crowds, compete without walls in the futsal-style matches of Spain or play rough in physical five-on-five contests in the UK as you experience the unique street cultures around the globe
  • Take the action from parking lots and parks to gyms and rooftop arenas in authentic, real-world environments
  • Utilize the critically acclaimed FIFA gameplay engines you've already mastered, including the Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling, Personality+ and more
  • Play with your favorite stars from the world's top clubs, including Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid and more, each sporting their authentic kits and gear, and meet real freestylers plucked from streets around the world
  • Earn more then 100 different styles, tricks and celebrations to grow your player and unlock more than 225 items for your squad, including team kits, street wear, boots, environments and teams

FIFA Street - Xbox 360

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Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.

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Queen’s is recognised as one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

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