www.volantino-offerte.com,Cleveland,Steel,$79,/hangman550978.html,Drill,Short,Speed,Length,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Bit,,Spotting,2645,High Cleveland 2645 High Speed Department store Steel Spotting Bit Drill Short Length www.volantino-offerte.com,Cleveland,Steel,$79,/hangman550978.html,Drill,Short,Speed,Length,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Bit,,Spotting,2645,High Cleveland 2645 High Speed Department store Steel Spotting Bit Drill Short Length $79 Cleveland 2645 High Speed Steel Spotting Drill Bit, Short Length Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $79 Cleveland 2645 High Speed Steel Spotting Drill Bit, Short Length Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Cleveland 2645 High Speed Department store Steel Spotting Bit Drill Short OFFicial Length

Cleveland 2645 High Speed Steel Spotting Drill Bit, Short Length


Cleveland 2645 High Speed Steel Spotting Drill Bit, Short Length

Product description

The Cleveland 2645 series long length spotting drill bit is made from high-speed steel with an uncoated (bright) finish and has a 120-degree conventional point to drill pilot holes for a 135-degree secondary drill bit in a range of materials, including soft metals. A spotting drill bit is used to drill a pilot hole, which reduces unintended tool movement when puncturing the material (walking) and improves hole accuracy for the secondary drill bit. The long length offers extended reach. High-speed steel (HSS) provides hardness for wear resistance, and the uncoated finish has no additional surface treatment or coating. The spotting drill bit has a 120-degree conventional point that drills a pilot hole to guide a second drill bit with a 135-degree point. Compared to a standard drill bit, this bit has a thicker web for increased strength and rigidity. The round shank accommodates most drill chucks. The drill bit conforms to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

Drill bits are cutting tools used to make holes in a range of materials using machines such as handheld portable drills, machining centers, and lathes. Drill bits come in a variety of lengths and types, the most common of which is the twist drill bit. The round, twisted shaft of the twist drill bit typically has two cutting edges and flutes. The helical twist of the flutes brings chips up and away from the cutting edges and allows for coolant to reach the cutting edges. Jobber length twist drill bits, the most common length of twist drill bit, offer a good compromise of length and reach for the widest range of materials and applications. Mechanic's length twist drill bits (also called maintenance length) are a little shorter than jobber length and less prone to deflection when drilling. Short length twist drill bits (also called stub or screw-machine length) are the shortest and stiffest twist drill bits, helping to reduce the chance of deflection or breakage when drilling. Reduced shank twist drill bits (also called Silver and Deming drill bits) have a shank that is smaller in diameter than its shaft, permitting drilling machines with a 1/4", 1/2", or 3/4" drill chuck to create large holes. Long length twist drill bits (also called taper length) are a little longer than jobber length, allowing for deeper holes and longer reach. Extra-long length twist drill bits (also called extension) are longer than long length twist drill bits for greater reach or for drilling deeper holes.

Cleveland manufactures tools for drilling, threading, and milling applications. The company, headquartered in Seneca, SC, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 9001.

Cleveland 2645 High Speed Steel Spotting Drill Bit, Short Length

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