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Superlatite Fischer Adam - Raleigh Mall Jonas Opera Kaufmann Collection

Fischer, Adam - Jonas Kaufmann Opera Collection


Fischer, Adam - Jonas Kaufmann Opera Collection

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Experience Jonas Kaufmann, opera world's top star, in this impressive opera collection from his time at the Zurich Opera House still before his great international breakthrough. He feels closely connected to the opera house, boosted his career there and has been a longstanding fixed part of the ensemble for years. The star-tenor has performed beside of Bartoli, Cecilia and László Polgár in Paisiello's NINA and further on in Monteverdi's IL RITORNO D'ULISSE IN PATRIA featuring Vesselina Kasarova. In 2004 he has given the convincing suffering prisoner Florestan in Beethoven's only opera FIDELIO and was a brilliantly arrayed alongside Camilla Nylund as wonderful Leonore. Meanwhile, Jonas Kaufmann has become an indispensable fixture on the world's opera stages.

Fischer, Adam - Jonas Kaufmann Opera Collection

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