GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8" birthstone 3 inch Max 65% OFF with,GLAMCARAT,with,/humorize733348.html,Name,inch,$38,0.8",Personalized,birthstone,Necklace,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,3 $38 GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8" inch with 3 birthstone Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $38 GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8" inch with 3 birthstone Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8" birthstone 3 inch Max 65% OFF with,GLAMCARAT,with,/humorize733348.html,Name,inch,$38,0.8",Personalized,birthstone,Necklace,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,3

GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8

GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8" inch with 3 birthstone


GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8" inch with 3 birthstone

Product description

Pendant Size: 0.8" inch
Chain Length: 15.8" + 0.8 inches extender
Packing: gift box + Polishing Cloth
Material: Solid Sterling Silver with quality .925 stamp.

Symbolize your lasting bond with this engraved hanging heart pendant.
Personalize each of the parts of the necklace with your initials and choice of gemstones.
Some of the characteristics of this product:
You may personalize by engraving a special sentiment on the side of the necklace;
This beautiful pendant will be the center of attention;
This birthstone necklace ideal to be gifted as;

mother necklace
name necklace
lovers necklace
family necklace
graduation necklace
initial necklace
birthstone necklace
january birthstone necklace
february birthstone necklace
march birthstone necklace
april birthstone necklace
may birthstone necklace
june birthstone necklace
july birthstone necklace
august birthstone necklace
september birthstone necklace
october birthstone necklace
november birthstone necklace
december birthstone necklace
anniversary pendant
Mother's Day gift
Valentine's Day gift

GLAMCARAT Personalized Name Necklace 0.8" inch with 3 birthstone

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Give the Gift of Luxury

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