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Cle-Line C20590 General Colorado Springs Mall Purpose Taper High Limited time sale Drill Speed Shank St

Cle-Line C20590 General Purpose Taper Shank Drill, High Speed St


Cle-Line C20590 General Purpose Taper Shank Drill, High Speed St

Product description

Cle-Line 1894 General Purpose Taper Shank Drill, High Speed Steel, Steam Oxide Finish, #4 Morse Taper Shank, 118° Radial Point, 1 13/32" (Pack of 1). General purpose geometry with standard Morse taper shank dimensions. HSS substrate engineered for toughness and ideal for portable drilling and maintenance applications. 118 degree point for general purpose use.

Cle-Line C20590 General Purpose Taper Shank Drill, High Speed St



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