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Highers, National Qualifications & Units

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Join the single largest provider of vocational education and training in the North East of Scotland.

We have a course to suit everyone; whether you’re fresh out of school, currently working, returning to education or simply want to try something new – whatever your educational or occupational background, an opportunity awaits at NESCol.


Our locations

With a number of modern campuses and learning centres spread throughout Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland College is widely accessible for people across the region.

Student Stories

Don’t take our word for it!  Find out what our students think about studying at NESCol.

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Guy Ingerson

Business & Management

HND Advertising & PR

“The course provides you the skills to communicate whatever it is that you’re trying to sell. It’s been fantastic. It gives you a really supportive environment – especially if you are coming back into the world of education from work. That’s the route that I took and it’s been really fantastic in that regard. But if you’re a school leaver as well, College gives you practical skills alongside the theory that you’re learning, so even if you decide not to go to uni, you’ve got those skills there and you can utilise them to go into work. It’s really, really valuable in that way.”

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