Socket,250pcs,Xiaochen,Kit,Plug,Waterproof,Electrical,/noncommensurable451998.html,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Connector,$25 $25 Xiaochen Electrical Connector Plug Socket Kit 250pcs Waterproof Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Xiaochen Electrical gift Connector Plug Socket Waterproof 250pcs Kit $25 Xiaochen Electrical Connector Plug Socket Kit 250pcs Waterproof Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Socket,250pcs,Xiaochen,Kit,Plug,Waterproof,Electrical,/noncommensurable451998.html,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Connector,$25 Xiaochen Electrical gift Connector Plug Socket Waterproof 250pcs Kit

Max 78% OFF Xiaochen Electrical gift Connector Plug Socket Waterproof 250pcs Kit

Xiaochen Electrical Connector Plug Socket Kit 250pcs Waterproof


Xiaochen Electrical Connector Plug Socket Kit 250pcs Waterproof

Product description

It is used for wiring installation of PCB, electrical appliances, automobiles, etc.
Condition: Brand New

250pcs Mixed Solder Sleeve Heat Shrink Butt Wire Splice Terminal Connector

An easy one step connection of wires, soldered, insulated and sealed

Fast, efficient, no crimping required

Solder and seal and with advanced waterproof function

Transparent heat shrink sleeve allows for precise visual inspection

Greater pull strength

Ideal used in electronics, railway, marine, automobile, motorcycle, aerospace and other outdoor applications

Storage in a plastic case for easy access

Color: Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Black

Package Included:
35pcs x Red Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve

30pcs x Blue Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve

25pcs x White Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve

10pcs x Yellow Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve

150pcs x Black Heat Shrink Sleeve

Other accessories demo in the picture is not included.

Due to manual measurement, please allow size differences about 1-5mm.

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different.

Xiaochen Electrical Connector Plug Socket Kit 250pcs Waterproof

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