Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 2.5 GMSTBA 6-G-7 1 year warranty HC 6 $145 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks GMSTBA 2.5 HC/ 6-G-7 6 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks 2.5 GMSTBA 6-G-7 1 year warranty HC 6 $145 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks GMSTBA 2.5 HC/ 6-G-7 6 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical GMSTBA,$145,6,2.5,Blocks,/noncommensurable550898.html,Pluggable,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,,Contact,Phoenix,HC/,6-G-7,Terminal GMSTBA,$145,6,2.5,Blocks,/noncommensurable550898.html,Pluggable,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,,Contact,Phoenix,HC/,6-G-7,Terminal

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal All items in the store Blocks 2.5 GMSTBA 6-G-7 1 year warranty HC 6

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks GMSTBA 2.5 HC/ 6-G-7 6


Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks GMSTBA 2.5 HC/ 6-G-7 6

Product description

Product Specification:

  • Manufacturer:Phoenix Contact
  • Product:Headers
  • Number of Positions:6 Position
  • Pitch:7.62 mm
  • Connection Method:Screw
  • Current Rating:16 A
  • Series:GMSTBA
  • Color:Green
  • Height:11.8 mm
  • Length:12 mm
  • Width:56.3 mm
  • Brand:Phoenix Contact
  • Tradename:COMBICON Power

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks GMSTBA 2.5 HC/ 6-G-7 6

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