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Max Industry No. 1 71% OFF SALAV HS-04 T 1000W Quick Steam Hand Held Steamer Dual with Stea

SALAV HS-04/T 1000W Quick Steam Hand Held Steamer with Dual Stea


SALAV HS-04/T 1000W Quick Steam Hand Held Steamer with Dual Stea

Product description


Thesalav hs-04/t quick steam handheld steamer is a powerful 1000W garment steamer built with the latest heating technology which produces powerful, drip-free steam in a quick 35 seconds. Compact, easy to fill and use, the hs-04/t is light weight and portable. The dual steam settings and 8.2 ft. Cord make it ideal for use around the house for variety of fabrics. Included accessories: (1)fabric brush attachment. Compact and Lightweight. 35 seconds Steam Ready Time.

SALAV HS-04/T 1000W Quick Steam Hand Held Steamer with Dual Stea

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