Water,www.volantino-offerte.com,360,W,Hot,High-end,Faucet,Tap,MASO,Folding,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,$42,Cold,and,Degree,/outskip452010.html MASO High-end Folding Faucet 1 year warranty Water Tap Degree Hot 360 W Cold and $42 MASO High-end Folding Faucet Water Tap 360 Degree Cold and Hot W Automotive RV Parts Accessories MASO High-end Folding Faucet 1 year warranty Water Tap Degree Hot 360 W Cold and $42 MASO High-end Folding Faucet Water Tap 360 Degree Cold and Hot W Automotive RV Parts Accessories Water,www.volantino-offerte.com,360,W,Hot,High-end,Faucet,Tap,MASO,Folding,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,$42,Cold,and,Degree,/outskip452010.html

MASO High-end Folding Max 57% OFF Faucet 1 year warranty Water Tap Degree Hot 360 W Cold and

MASO High-end Folding Faucet Water Tap 360 Degree Cold and Hot W


MASO High-end Folding Faucet Water Tap 360 Degree Cold and Hot W

Product description


Faucet Body: all made of brass, chrome finish, salt spray test up to 10 degrees

The tap valve core is pure brass, heavy-duty and last long time

Separate control valve for hot and cold water, convenient and easy

Faucet installation holecut diameter: 22mm or 0.87 inch

Faucet dimension as shown in the listing photo

Hot and cold water hoses are supplied, hose length is 600mm or 24 inches

The faucet is good for marine boat yacht camping RV caravan use.

The listing price does not include any destination duties/taxes/custom fees/etc that will be due when the product arrives at destination countries/regions. It is the customer's responsibility to pay for all custom duty/taxes/custom fees if any.

Package List:
1 *Water Tap

MASO High-end Folding Faucet Water Tap 360 Degree Cold and Hot W

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