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WECDS Humidifiers Bedroom Industrial Mist Babies-Ultrasoun Cool Ranking TOP6 online shopping

WECDS Humidifiers Bedroom, Industrial Cool Mist Babies-Ultrasoun


WECDS Humidifiers Bedroom, Industrial Cool Mist Babies-Ultrasoun

Product description

Product Name: Humidifier
Mode of operation: remote control / touch
Water tank capacity: 13L
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Amount of fog: 600ml / h
Noise: ≤35dB
Function: Ultrasonic / Timing / Intelligent Constant Humidity / Pure Humidification
Applicable places: household / commercial / industrial
Safety protection: lack of water and power

WECDS Humidifiers Bedroom, Industrial Cool Mist Babies-Ultrasoun



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